Strategic planning

Sales System

Export Plan

Aligning your strategy

Eureach offers its clients a strong support in the development or the review of their strategy, with a focus on defining the key markets segments and geographical areas having the higher potential for growth.

Eureach’s team analyses and plans the actions needed to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation of your strategy. 

Overview of the steps involved :

  • Explore different strategic avenues with highest potential.
  • Clearly identify options, opportunities and preferences in the medium term, with a focus on increasing the financial value of your business.
  • Align your growth strategies based on preferred market segments, and selected territories leading to the best probable growth, while at the same time defining your competitive advantage.
  • Prepare a Detailed Action Plan for the execution of your strategy.
  • Identify potential players to create strategic alliances or for acquisitions and ensure the follow up with partners Experts in financial strategies and in fund raising, if (M & A) is an option.
  • Diversify and plan your marketing approaches (direct sales, partners, web visibility) ensuring your organic growth.
  • Participate actively in the execution of the detailed Sales and Marketing Action Plans, working in synergy with your internal team.

Optimizing your sales system and activities – GO Program

Eureach offers expert advice and hands on involvement in the optimization of your Sales approach, organisation, structured system and the management of efficient sales activities.

Eureach gives you the opportunity, through its GO Program, to have a direct access to an effective sales and marketing team for SMEs to support your internal resources.

We will evaluate your current sales department and propose interventions in key areas, as follows: 

  • Confirm lucrative market segments and key territories for your development.
  • Establish a comprehensive Sales System, starting with what is already working well.
  • Plan and develop the Direct sales approach.
  • Generate meetings with senior decision makers, prospects, and potential clients.
  • Conceive the best Channel Partners Program.
  • Prepare target list of prequalified partners and identify the best potential ones with you.
  • Clarify and structure the roles for each one of your sales and marketing staff resulting in increased efficiency (define - assign - organize - retrain - recruit).
  • Identify essential missing marketing tools for your success and help creating them.
  • Access and use the complete collection of Eureach strategic tools

The GO Program is different from our traditional consultation offer it’s based on a fixed-monthly compensation package that suits your budget, spread over 4 to 6 months time period. We create value every time by generating significant additional revenue for our customers.

International development

Eureach is a recognized expert company in the creation and the execution of successful Export Plans. We will help you implement your export strategy and position your business in selected market segments and territories that carry the best potential for results.

Eureach added value: 

  • Identify and choose the best sub-segments to target
  • Select the geographical territories leading to success.
  • Evaluate and update your current strategy and define your competitive positioning.
  • Validate of your financial ability to enter and grow in new markets.
  • Create or evaluate your sales channel or strategic partner network.
  • Develop sales and marketing tools to support the operations of your network.
  • Build your partner network by qualifying and contacting key companies.
  • Meet and negotiate agreements with your qualified partners.
  • Manage the resellers’ performance, in terms of lead generation, lead tracking, proposals to end customers and sales closing.
  • Keep track of developments and offer detailed sales reports.

For Canadian companies we are up to date with the subsidies programs and projects in place to support SME exports. We can help you to identify the right program, and work with you on the requirements for an application. 

Client Services

High Level Recruitment

LinkedIn Optimisation

Optimizing your customer experience

Eureach ensures the development of key customer relationships. By intervening to increase customer service satisfaction our aim is to establish high customer retention rates, within your field or sector.

Our intervention approach: 

  • With you, review your client strategy, define your benchmark of best practices.
  • Confirm your various customer segments, by type, product or service used, define categories and their growth potential and include the appropriate customer support and communication plan.
  • Prepare your detailed optimization plan, including an analysis of the return on investment on new activities.
  • Consolidate and plan a systematic review of your present customer base.
  • Define roles in customer service for each of your staff to increase overall efficiency (assign - reorganize - retrain - recruit).
  • Review tools and processes in place for your Customer service department.
  • Survey your clientele to get feedback on their customer experience with you.
  • Coach your team in Customer service best practices.
  • Introduce simple KPIs dashboard for your Customer service

Search for talent via powerful social media networks

The Eureach team has several years of recruitment experience. Our team uses a recruitment methodology that takes advantage of the power of social media networks, enabling us to approach potential candidates who match your hiring requirements.

Overview of this value added service:

  • Create or review the job description and profile a hiring match.
  • Publish to social media networks to generate candidate interest.
  • Identify matching individuals with the required skills, using the LinkedIn solution Talent Recruiter.
  • Contact the selected candidate with a proactive approach, which has repeat success for us.
  • Conduct the primary interviews on your behalf then submit valid or pre-qualified applications to you.
  • Collaborate with you to make live interviews.
  • Constantly support your team evaluation of candidates, formulation of candidate proposals and making the job offer.
  • Participate in the hiring and workplace integration of the candidates.

Develop Your Web Visibility and Social Media Networks

Social networks are a powerful tool that we are able to optimize for you. Eureach supports its clients set up and development on LinkedIn and other social media networks.  LinkedIn is currently the largest professional network platform on the Web, it offers countless possibilities and our knowledgeable team will help you exploit these tools.

Social platform value added action plan:

  • Develop and implement the action plan to upgrade your corporate or personal LinkedIn profile.
  • Develop your visibility towards key executives on LinkedIn promoting your knowledge and expertise.
  • Train your staff on LinkedIn tools to make your presence profitable.
  • Coach on the _Give to Receive_ approach and methodology.
  • Develop a WEB awareness and cohesion in to your WEB strategy.
  • Maximize LinkedIn for sales development, partner networks and referrals.

Eureach Listen, Understand, Plan and Execute for results !