International expansion


International expansion

Eureach’s Unique Proposal : Increase your presence in the Northeastern America

We work with companies from all over North America and Western Europe who offer differentiated and high technology products and services. 

Preferred sectors

We concentrate on mid-size differentiated companies already exporting with a certain level of success but who still want better coverage of the Northeastern America.

Are you one of them ?

Examples of preferred sectors:

  • Industrial equipment and machinery
  • Software & Business Solutions
  • Emerging energies

The Geographical area that we cover for our clients

We are active on a regular basis in North America where we have created a network of Engineering Firms and of Technical Reseller Partner. Do you want to benefit from this network, that we constantly consolidate and adapt to the need of each of our clients.

The regions we cover:

  • Eastern Canada (Ontario - Quebec - Maritimes)
  • Northeastern United States (New England)

This geographical area has a population of 80 million people and includes key cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax, and beyond.

Our Deliverables

  • Market validation and market expansion or entry planning.
  • Define client’s best partner strategy and marketing approach (partner type and strategic alliances, WEB marketing, etc.).
  • Develop a comprehensive action plan for the expansion of your sales trough our network and execute it.
  • Adapt and further develop the optimal partner network.
  • Support your team and optimize your marketing tools.
  • Provide a long term relationship to continue to expand your market presence.
  • Create regular feedback reports on development, progress and actions taken.

Our Value Proposition

Our Results Oriented methodology is key to our value proposition: it is a business model that combines a fixed and a variable retribution mainly based on sales results.

In Summary :

  • Our positioning as your external partner, our expertise in international sales and the access we provide to our channel network complements the efforts of your internal team.
  • Our value proposal is highly beneficial for your company because we share the risks and are committed to generate concrete results.
  • Our flexible financial model allows clients to pay commissions to Eureach only when their income is received from end user clients and projects.

In a business world where things are moving fast, we provide and efficient and less costly way to conquer new markets and territories!

Eureach Network

Eureach is constantly developing and expanding its Affiliate Expert Network that includes established and emerging Sales Executives, actively working in key regions and countries.

This network offers our exporting clients an access to major metropolitan areas across North America and Europe.

Eureach manages this strategic network throughout North America and Europe. All members of our network follow our “Results Oriented Approach”, our proactive mind set as well as our EXPANSALES  methodology. 

Here is what you will gain from working with our Affiliate Expert Network  

  • Increase your geographical reach and clients based in new territories.
  • Gain access to our two levels of expert advice - International and Regional via Eureach and our Affiliates.
  • Obtain knowledge about the language, the homologation standards and the trade regulations specific to the new targeted regions.
  • Respect specific cultural and business factors by working with our regional partners.
Eureach Listen, Understand, Plan and Execute for results !